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JINAN SINO STEEL'S quality control department is the strongest and most independent department in our company. Our staff are committed to providing high quality service to our business partners and look forward to being given the opportunity to demonstrate to you the quality of our technology and our straight forward and efficient business manner.

1. Purpose of quality inspection
To ensure that the steel of our company can meet the technical requirements and related standards, qualified products will be produced and carry out necessary quality control on the execution of the steel and quality certificate.
2. Applicable scope
The specification is applicable to all kinds of steels produced, purchased or sold by our company.
The steel hereinafter refers to the steel and iron products as profile steel, steel plate, steel pipe and steel wire, etc with certain shape that acquired through plastic deformation (Cold or hot rolling, cold pulling).
3. Acceptance conditions and sites
3.1 Delivery conditions
The acceptance will be carried out according to the regulations in case that there is in the order contract or technical agreement, if not, the acceptance will be according to the common delivery condition specified in the related standard.
3.2 The company workshop or the supply factory should issue the steel quality certificate (Or certificate of approval) per lot. All the inspection results in the quality certificate should meet the standard. The quality certificate should at least include the following contents:
a. Manufacturing factory, production lot No. (Or furnace No.) and contract No.
b. Material grade and level.
c. Material name, type, size and delivery condition.
d. Delivery quantity and weight.
e. Inspection report of all inspection items.
f. In case that there are special requirements in the drawing or order technical requirements, the quality certificate should also include the inspection report of the special items.
g. The quality certificate should have the dedicated inspection seal of the company workshop or the quality inspection department of the supply factory, seal of the inspector, as well as “Qualified” seal in delivery.
The quality certificate should have complete signatures and be filled according to standard and complete. In case that the bilingual certificate is required, the company standard will prevail.

3.3 Inspection items
a. Check the compliance of the quality certificate.
b. Painting mark of the steel.
c. Appearance and dimension of the steel.
d. Weight of the steel.
e. Unless necessary, it is ok not to inspect the chemical composition.
f. The steel should have qualified mark, whose type can be chosen at will, but the position should be on non-processing surface.
4. Acceptance principles
4.1 Surface quality
4.1.1 There should not be crack, folding, scab and impurity on the surface of the steel; and there should not be layer division and cavity contraction trace on the end.
4.1.2 It is allowable for some scratch, pressing trace and pit with depth less than half of the dimension tolerance on the steel surface.
4.2 Geometrical dimension
4.2.1 The actual dimension of the steel should meet the corresponding state or nominated international standard.
4.2.2 The geometrical dimension of the steel can be exempt from examination, but in case that the dimension incompliance is discovered in the following processing, the supplier’s responsibility cannot be exempt.
4.3 Painting and material grade mark of the steel
4.3.2 The pipe and wire materials can be free from painting mark, but should be clearly identified by other methods (Such as labeling).
4.3.3 For the similar steel materials that cannot be distinguished by color code, clearly write the material grade on both ends of the material or identify with labeling method without error writing or missing phenomenon.
4.4 Steel weight
4.4.1 The actual weight is normally got by weighing method, with allowable difference of 0~+6‰.
4.4.2 In case that weighing is impossible, the weight can be calculated by theoretical calculation.
4.5 Chemical composition
4.5.1 The chemical composition should meet the corresponding state (Or industrial) standard, specified international standard or order contract (Or technical agreement).
4.5.2 Unless necessary, it is ok not to examine the chemical composition.
4.5.3 In case that the chemical composition should be examined by spectral analysis method, the execution should refer to GB/T4336-1984 Photoemission spectral analysis method of carbon steel and middle and low alloy steel.

5. Treatment and identification
5.1 The inspector should judge the qualified or unqualified condition of the steel according to the acceptance specification.
5.2 For the qualified steel, the inspector should write the qualified quantity and make seal on the warehouse paper, which will be taken as the identification.
5.3 For unqualified steel, the inspector will make a “×” with black paint as the identification.

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